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The motivation for founding the company lies in building a next gen space data connected software and hardware solutions for urban green space management and golf industries that can easily be scaled worldwide and that have real life applications and positive impact on both society and environment, while providing maximum savings for clients and ROI for investors.

E20.GREEN SDG Whitepaper

E2O.GREEN by 3D EMS offers solutions built on three new technologies IoT, AI and EO (Earth Observation) in order to solve the old needs for saving money to our customers urban and golf green space management companies while mixing in some relaxation through golfing….How?

E2O.GREEN uses satellite data, combines it with IoT data from in-situ sensors and finally processes the data with the power of proprietary AI to get our clients the golf and urban green space key course metrics at their fingertips through the Single Page App (SPA) SaaS and save them up to 30% on energy bills and at least an additional 5% on maintenance, and through play and workflow optimization.

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