Next Gen XR/META gamified applications for golf and green spaces

Digital twin turf vision within your grasp

One stop shop gamified XR solutions for enhancement of your daily golf and green space tasks, staff training, player engagement and new development planning.

The G Verse - Where UNI meets META - VERSE

Staff training and task tracking

Train of your staff with an AR gamified solution powered by Galileo positioning. Optimize turf task implementation and train your new staff by gamifying their daily routines. Deploy AR objects and tasks throughout your course, the staff will resolve your issues by collecting AR items with integrated advice aimed at irrigation, mowing and other green space use cases.

Golf and new development spawn

Want to know how your new development will fit in with your property in advance and not regret it later?

With our AR spawn you can! Insert new hole No. 9, new mini golf for kids or a whole new building or course part in real space and see how it looks before you build it.

Catch the ball

Engage your players and monitor their pace of play and course movement through a Pokemon GO like game. Increase number of rounds played and player experience with our gamification solutions.

The G Verse

The bridge from Universe to Metaverse.

Take the Space Data enriched Digital Twins of your Golf courses to a Metaverse near you and experience owning your private deep utility custom Golf Course in the Metaverse.