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Coming soon to your Golf and Urban Green Spaces!


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Let us pitch our solution at your course/urban green space, show you what we can do, and let you take that first small step from Earth Observation 2 Energy Optimization.
Ping us with „free trial" in comments on Linkedin
and you’re good to go!


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You will receive an email with all necessary information to get started on the one month free trial.


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You complete online signup get your user information and start managing your green spaces in an EE and cost effective manner.


Get personal(ized) dashboard

Our team will provide you with a tailor made dashboard for your golf course or smart city green space at no cost, start monitoring your course condition for free with the E2O.Green App


Estimate your green from space

Our team will send you a detailed space and drone data based preview of you green spaces condition. This includes: a georeferenced 3D model of your course/urban green space, vegetation health and grass height estimate as well as the fire safety plan you can use at no cost


Own the IoT and AR Intel

At your premises our team will and get you acquainted with our IoT and AR features. With your feedback we’ll customize the E2O.Green sensor and AR gamification to fit your requirements. Start optimizing your equipment, workflows and pace of play!


Run the trial

You are ready to experience E2O.Green. You have our full support during the trial any place any time. Start optimizing your irrigation, mowing and golf BMPs


Enter E2O.Green

If you decide to move forward let us know within two weeks after the trial, we will initiate our simple on boarding process and you’ll become on of the first EU’s test beds for E2O.Green