AI and Satellite Sensor Data Powered Golf Course energy, safety and pace of play Optimization

Your world now

With current prices mid-size Golf course or equivalent public green surface basic energy bills per year in EU/UK equal to more than 1M+ EUR, with the opportunity cost of inefficient maintenance organization and play optimization the total loss for golf course can amount to more than 2M+ EUR a year. A multi course management company like the The Troon manages 200+ such courses, you can do the math!

E2O.GREEN world

AI and Satellite Sensor Data Powered Golf Course Energy Optimization System delivers critical workflow, play optimization, agricultural and energy management intelligence to golf course management companies through an added value cloud-based web service SaaS solution, easily accessed by all user levels without the need for in-depth training in EO/AI that allows the automation of many commonly occurring maintenance, energy saving, pace of play optimization, fire safety and prevention, as well as the employee productivity manual tasks which will assist golf course mangers in saving time and money, as well as providing a future-proofed EE management that will take up to 30% off on all green space maintenance bills and help mitigate the sharp rise in costs the golf industry is currenty facing.