If your city has no efficient methods to recognize the need for maintenance or reflect the actual condition of the urban green space areas

Your Executive management and maintenance of Urban Green Spaces is done either semi-manually or with some software backup?

Scarce application of IoT, Satellite Sensor Data and AI Models which leads to significant costs of energy/maintenance inefficiency for the city budget.

If the answer is yes – then you need E2O.GREEN!

Your world now

To many urban green areas to monitor, grass gets to high at to many places, ambrosia is running wild people get allergies and you don’t have enough communal staff to monitor them all, complaints multiply citizens are disgruntled, and elections are always around the corner!

E2O.GREEN world

Our solution lets you monitor all your urban green spaces based on satellite data and vegetation indices and our AI with embedded time series forecasting predicts the future developments and alerts you via push notifications where and when to deploy your staff in an AI optimized way, saving you costs making you eco-friendly and your citizens happy and ready to re-elect!