Prejudice that golf cannot be eco-friendly causes delay and additional costs for your next golf course development ?

Your world now

Your headquarters are located far away from the development sites which makes it hard to regularly monitor the status of the new developments?

Delays and additional costs, are your everyday routine with each new development?

You are never welcomed by the local community due to prejudice against golf developers?

E2O.GREEN world

Dislocated headquarters? No problem! The local contractor in Croatia has told you, the golf developer, that all the bushes have been removed from the site a few days ago and invoiced you accordingly?

The head of golf development is currently at Ernie Els headquarters in South Africa, let E2O.GREEN zoom in at your site with the help of high resolution Planet imagery and give you the actual state of matter in a matter of seconds!

E2O.GREEN solution keeps your new development in line with the Green deal EU biodiversity guidelines which actually state that golf developments If done right contribute to biodiversity.

Our fire safety solutions guarantee that the new developments will serve as fire safety strongholds for the local community!

Your new golf development is now the key for the local community, yes the areas might lose some of their forest due to new golf development, but this is nothing compared to losses from forest fires that will be prevented and forests saved.